Office Address: Kalayaan College/ 22 Manga Road, corner Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City                               1109 Philippines

Telefax Numbers: +632 723-0876 / 726-6291



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  1. Mark Stanford

    I agree with your article regarding amending our 1987 Constitution. I believe it is due. Our current constitution is outdated. If you can imagine because of this old constitution our country only received $1.7 billion FDI in 2010. Countries like Singapore received $38 billion, Vietnam $8.2 billion. Pnoy’s PPP program may receive investment but ony to a minimum. it will remain subpar compaired to other countries until the 60/40 restriction had been completely abolish. i also agree with you shifting from preseidential to parliamentary / federalism to finally resolve the conflict in Mindanao. f you don’t mind I posted your article to the Arangkada FB website.

  2. WOW, thank you for this online blog. I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Australia and one of my courses is about Leadership and Governance. I found your article about Marcos and Aquino’s helpful, as it will assist me in my research regarding what kind of leader are they really are. Salamat po ng Marami 🙂 Looking forward for more new articles! Godbless

  3. Dr. Abueva, may I post your blog in It is an online magazine that I put up with the late Dr. Dante Ambrosio and my husband Hernan Melencio.

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